Hi, my name is Danielle Ertter. I am an avid knitter that lives in Greenville with my husband, our two sassy dogs and a cat. My fiber story started when I was just six years old.  I was attending the Waldorf School in New York, where I first learned to knit. I loved it from the start, and threw myself into learning the basics. After leaving the Waldorf School, I had very little actual instruction to expand my knitting knowledge. I knit lots of scarves and a few blankets, and continued to learn on my own as I grew up. 

After college, I was working a stressful job when I happened to walk past a yarn shop on the way home from work. It suddenly occurred to me that knitting a hat would be fun and might relieve some of my stress from work. When I walked into the store, I was taken aback by all of the beautiful, colorful yarn. 

I bought some yarn and some needles, and the staff even helped me pick out a hat pattern. Two days later, the hat was finished and I was back in the store looking for another project! Since that day, I have barely put down my needles and I have always spent a lot of time at my local yarn shop.  

Knitting has been such a gift in my life. It has helped me reduce stress, gotten me through some tough times, and has led to me meeting some amazing people - including several very close friends.

I love to help other knitters pick out new projects, find the right yarn for the job and to 
match colors so it all comes together! I feel lucky to have the opportunity to help bring the joy I have found in knitting into other people's lives. It's also exciting to introduce them to the fiber community, and to help that community grow. 

I have been teaching private knitting lessons, as well as group lessons at local yarn shops for years.

After gaining all of that valuable experience, I’ve now decided that it’s time to branch out 
on my own. With the support of Greenville’s knitting community,

I am very excited to announce that I’ll be offering both individual and group lessons at my new studio, London Fog Stitchery!

I believe that everyone can find some excitement by wearing something that they have made themselves, so reach out to me today to start your own Fiber Journey!